About me

My name is Ben and I’m a Network and Systems Engineer for Comlinx in beautiful, sunny Brisbane, where I live with my wife, two daughters and a moggie named Oscar.

My technical interests are:

  • Good, re-useable template-driven network design
  • Automating repetitive and error-prone tasks
  • Optical Transport and WDM
  • Software-Defined Networking - especially projects such as OpenContrail and OpenDaylight and what they mean for the industry
  • Python programming, especially when used to automate the configuration and operation of network infrastructure - my Github repo is full of little experiments/toys
  • MPLS Network Architectures and Designs
  • Network visualisation

I’m a big fan of Junos, Ubuntu and OSX but as always, there’s nothing like the right tool for the job.

When I’m not geeking out, I’m usually

  • Hanging with my girls
  • Lying on the ground in pain as my skateboard rolls off into the sunset, wishing I was 16 again
  • Hanging out in beautiful Noosaville, Supping around the canals

If you like talking all things networking, then hit me up!